About Us

We are a food processing and packaging unit for exports, serving as a front for a farmers’ collective. We are farmers ourselves and have formed a farmers’ collective with over 500 farmers. Our team act as a forum to bridge the gap between farmers and exporters. Providing you the best by processing it directly from our farmers as your satisfaction is our first priority.

Direct From our Farms

We source the produce from within our farmer produce groups. The product portfolio includes Rice, Pulses, Millets, Spices, and Oils.

Processed in our units

A fully owned model where procurement and processing through container loading is taken care. Separate processing of white/red/black rice, de-risking the mixing of rice.

Premium Export Goods

Automatic guiding system to ensure consistent stitches on bags in an orderly way. The raw materials go through a rigorous inspection and quality check before being processed and packed

The motive

Here is our vision and mission statement, its objectives, and its approach to reaching those objectives. It also includes the company's purpose, goals, and values.

Our Facilities

  • Proud promoters of ancient varieties of grains that are naturally grown.
  • 750 tons of processing and packing of grains, pulses, grains, and millets per month, translating into a container a day.
  • Unique model in networking with farmers    – a collective of several farmer producer groups instituted in the districts of Ranipet, Thiruvannamalai, Thanjavur districts and Kongu region.

We Offer

  • Separate processing of white/ red/ black rice, derisking the mixing of rice.
  • Automatic guiding system to ensure consistent stitches on bags. Backed by a farmers collective that includes several farmer producers group.

  • Highest standards of hygiene, facility maintained in pristine conditions. Quality ensured in our laboratories.

  •  Efficient, experienced and dedicated manpower.

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